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Environmental impact post assessment publicity of 100000 t / a carbon products project of Chongqing Dongxing high temperature materials Co., Ltd

  According to the law of the people's Republic of China on environmental impact assessment, regulations on the administration of environmental protection of construction projects, Interim Measures for public participation in environmental impact assessment and technical guidelines for post assessment of environmental impact of construction projects in Chongqing (Trial), the "post environmental impact assessment of 100000 t / a carbon products project of Chongqing Dongxing high temperature materials Co., Ltd." is publicized To solicit public opinions and suggestions.

  1、 Project overview

  Project Name: annual output of 100000 tons of carbon products project of Chongqing Dongxing high temperature materials Co., Ltd;

  Construction unit: Chongqing Dongxing high temperature materials Co., Ltd;

  Nature of the project: new construction and expansion

  Construction site: meicui village, Longchi Town, Xiushan County, Chongqing;

  Construction content: 100000 tons carbon products project.

  2、 Working procedure and main contents of post environmental impact assessment

  (1) Working procedure of environmental impact assessment

  The post environmental impact assessment unit accepts the entrustment of the project implementation unit to carry out the preliminary work (including data collection, on-site investigation, and public participation survey with the project implementation unit) → carry out the environmental impact assessment (including the environmental quality background investigation and public opinion collection by the entrusted monitoring unit) → preparation of the post environmental impact assessment report (including feedback of public opinions) → environmental impact assessment (including the feedback of public opinions) Expert review (evaluation) of post evaluation report → modify the report according to expert opinions → report to Environmental Protection Bureau for approval.

  (2) Main work contents of post environmental impact assessment

  ① Carry out the investigation, monitoring and evaluation of environmental quality;

  ② Analyze and evaluate the impact of project implementation on the surrounding environment;

  ③ Analyze and evaluate the discharge direction of waste gas, waste water, noise and solid waste after the actual completion of the project and the impact on the surrounding atmospheric environment, water environment, acoustic environment and ecological environment;

  ④ Put forward countermeasures and measures to prevent or reduce environmental impact;

  ⑤ According to the characteristics of the project, formulate environmental monitoring and management plan;

  ⑥ Carry out public participation survey, collect public opinions and give feedback to public opinions;

  ⑦ From the perspective of environmental protection, after adopting the environmental protection and risk prevention measures proposed in the post evaluation, is it feasible to adopt the proposed construction scheme at the selected address.

  3、 Main issues for public opinion

  This publicity mainly solicits the public's opinions on the environmental quality of the project area, the possible environmental problems in the construction process of the project, the suggestions on the environmental protection of the project, and the attitude towards the construction of the project.

  4、 Main ways of public opinions

  After the information publicity, the public can express their opinions on the project construction and EIA by sending e-mail, telephone, letter or interview to the designated address.

  5、 Project implementation unit and contact information

  Project implementation unit: Chongqing Dongxing high temperature materials Co., Ltd

  Address: meicui village, Longchi Town, Xiushan County, Chongqing

  Contact person: Chen Wei

  Tel: 13452243757

  Email: 1584640142@qq.com

  6、 Name and contact information of environmental impact assessment institution undertaking post assessment

  EIA unit: Chongqing Academy of Environmental Sciences

  Certificate grade: Grade A

  Certificate No.: National Environmental Assessment Certificate no.3103

  Address: 252 Qishan Road, Ranjiaba, Yubei District, Chongqing

  Post code: 401147

  Contact person: Shao Gong Tel: 88521314

  Email: 39031300@qq.com

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