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Leadership Style

Leadership Style

Chairman Zhao Lijin

Chairman: Zhao Lijin, male, Han nationality, jiaozuoren, Henan Province, CPC member, economist title. He was a deputy to the eighth, ninth and Tenth National People's Congress of Jiaozuo City, and was a deputy to the Ninth People's Congress of Henan Province. Major social part-time jobs: Chairman of the Federation of industry and Commerce of Macun District, Jiaozuo City, vice president of the Municipal Federation of industry and commerce. He has been rated as "Excellent Communist Party member" of province, city and district for many times, city model worker and outstanding town entrepreneur. In 1997, he was awarded the "labor model" of Henan Province. In 2005, he was awarded the fifth national township entrepreneur. In 2007, he was awarded the May 1st Labor Medal.

General manager Yan Tao

General manager: Yan Tao, college degree, economist, vice president of Henan nonferrous metal carbon Association, vice chairman of Jiaozuo Federation of industry and commerce, member of the Standing Committee of the fifth Macun District Committee of the CPPCC, and awarded the title of "outstanding CPPCC member industrialist" by the Economic Committee of Henan Provincial Committee of CPPCC.

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